With the sanitized treatment, the fabrics are protected from microbes and bacteria.


The treatment prevents the presence of mites.

100% pure cotton

The properties of cotton allow for a natural fabric that keeps freshness naturally.


Technology developed for the prevention of allergies, skin irritation and other conditions.

Trevira Fill

Guarantees healthy and hygienic rest. Treatment that protects against allergies and improves asthma. Prevents odors. Fire resistant.


Treatment that repels stains and substances that affect the fabrics.


Avoids fabric shrinkage and makes them easier to use.


Technology based on the properties of eucalyptus and the study of nanotechnology to deliver a perfect thermoregulation and optimum moisture transport.

Made in Green

Quality standard certifying that respect for the environment and human rights is guaranteed in the manufacturing process.

Breathable and waterproof

The fabrics used repel substances and allow excellent ventilation. Laminated with state-of-the-art water-based treatments and free of chemicals that may damage the environment and our health.


Fabric with excellent stretch properties that can be expanded seven times and go back to its original size without being altered.

Kamasana and healthy sleep

kamasana applies the highest quality standards in the manufacture of all its items. The aim is to offer the maximum guarantee of hygiene and protection to all users of kamasana products.


Certifies that the fabrics do not contain any toxic substance in their components.