Feng shui


According to this discipline, the objects in the places we inhabit should be arranged in a way that brings calm and balance. No doubt our bedroom, where we spend a third of our day and where a vital action as important as rest takes place, requires special conditions.

The bed is the center of our bedroom and the most important element in it, so the whole layout must be organized around it, keeping the right proportions inside the room. Our headboard, according to Feng Shui, must be oriented to the north, as it provides vital health and energy. but it should never be placed under a window because it can transmit vulnerability, or in areas with water convergence (such a pipes) since the water flow interferes with a good night sleep.

Besides, there are other objects in the bedroom that can hinder rest, as they can stimulate action and nervousness (computers, desks, sports, equipment…), or mirrors, which produce a similar effect with a multiplication of our image and movement.

It is best to have twin pieces of furniture on both sides of the bed, keeping the premises of symmetry and balance, especially if you sleep with your partner. Objects that evoke positive memories will make an ideal decor, but plants should be avoided since, according to Feng Shui, they provide excess energy.