Converts carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) into environmentally friendly minerals.

CO2Pure elimina los gases nocivos del ambiente

CO2Pure, utilizado en los tejidos de nuestros productos, convierte el CO2 (CO2), NOx (NOx) y VOC (VOC) en bioproductos inocuos para la salud, además de eliminar los malos olores.

Low carbon footprint in the manufacturing process.

Absorbs and removes CO2, NOx and VOCs, results based on tests carried out in external laboratories.

Mineral compound, it is beneficial for health and for the environment.

The revolutionary compound is integrated into a polymeric matrix.

Because it removes greenhouse gases.

The microporous structures of CO2Pure decompose VOCs through their catalytic activity and ion exchange.


A single AirPure mattress removes the same amount of CO2 as 500 leaves from an adult tree every day.

Converts CO2 and other greenhouse gases into harmless health products, in addition to eliminating bad odors.

The AirPure mattress,
sustainable and innovative

The only mattress that purifies the air thanks to CO2Pure, a complex sleep system that guarantees a pleasant, long-term experience.

Four layers of comfort

meticulously combined to provide maximum adaptability to the shape and position of the body, thus providing the support that your neck, back, shoulders and legs need.

Thanks to the layer combination system, we completely eliminate pressure points by distributing the weight evenly allowing the spine to adopt the optimal natural posture for sleeping.

It adapts 100% to the needs from each person

thanks to the high resilience of this mattress.

This bottom layer material provides the essential orthopedic support for the spine.

Purify the air with CO2Pure

the best sleep technology that also purifies the air in your bedroom thanks to the properties of CO2Pure that are integrated into the cover and the core of the mattress.

The three-dimensional cuts allow to activate the rehydration process of the invertebral discs that help to have healthy bones and a strong back.

CO2Pure Technology

Environmental and health benefits

CO2Pure is an excellent micro particulate product that reduces the concentration of CO2 and NOx gases on surfaces and helps maintain a healthy environment by minimizing the health effects of these gases.

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