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We contribute to your rest day after day, improving your health thanks to our mattresses, pillows and protectors, quality, innovative and sustainable products.


Experts in sustainable and quality rest

“Behind Kamasana there is a personal history of responsibility, teamwork, leadership and innovation – values that we share with our nearly 300 employees and that represent the pillars on which our corporate culture is built.

Our long family history in the textile sector and our vision towards a sustainable, efficient and automated industry give our products a differentiating added value.

The objective: to convert cotoblau s.a. a benchmark company in the rest sector in terms of efficiency, quality and sustainability. This commitment is not only based on manufacturing products that are respectful of the environment and of the highest quality, but also on establishing this vision as the central axis of our corporate culture.

We want to continue being a socially responsible company that contributes to the balance between social welfare, environmental care and economic growth inside and outside our borders”.

Càndid Penalba Peiró


Our brands

The Cotoblau group

Through Cotopur and Kamasana brands we manufacture and market quality products for all audiences, offering comprehensive care for rest.

Where we are

Manufactured and designed
in the Mediterranean

Our facilities are located in Ontinyent (Valencia), in the area that is considered the heart of the Valencian textile industry. Our position allows us to have a highly qualified human team in the sector, engineers specialized in the textile area and surround ourselves with companies dedicated to the creation of technical machinery.

With around 30,000m² and a staff of 247 employees, Kamasana continues to grow and evolve, faithful to its original purpose.

Today, the brands of the group cotoblau s.a. have four of their own points of sale, one in Spain near with their production center and three in Russia, in addition to being present in more than 40 countries around the world.

The stores offer a multitude of experiences and new sensations for our customers to enjoy the best rest products, innovative, natural, ecological, sustainable materials, with the best quality.

We want to emphasize that the new Kamasana rest center it´s the first store in the world that absorbs CO2 and harmful gases, because the building on the outside, on the inside, on the pillows and on the mattresses we use the CO2Pure system developed in collaboration with the Primlab Global company.

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Our experience

Innovation and latest technologies

Continuous investment in the latest textile machinery technologies and close collaboration with the best partners in both machinery manufacturing and the development of quality raw materials, has allowed us a high degree of automation and efficiency in production processes.

We have a high capacity to develop new products, betting on the use of high-quality and sustainable fabrics, endowed with cutting-edge treatments in the manufacture to guarantee the greatest comfort and rest in all our products.

Looking to the future

Sustainable initiatives

At Kamasana we apply Corporate Social Responsibility in all facets of our management, from management to measuring results, according to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

We work for continuous improvement and for implementing sustainability policies in the social and environmental spheres and always respecting the working conditions and rights of our workers.

Our electricity consumption comes from 100% renewable energy and for the fourth consecutive year we have 0% CO2 emissions.


Proven quality

ISO 28000 supply chain security management systems protect your merchandise from point of manufacture to point of sale.

Our commitment to health is maximum. We have not implemented any substance harmful to health in the manufacture of our products.

This certificate recognizes Kamasana’s commitment to the 10 Principles of the Global Compact.

Incorporated into the fabrics of our protectors, mattresses and pillows, it works against bacteria, dust mites and mildew and, as a result, they all offer long-lasting durability.

Unique award in recognition of the company’s efforts in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by markets inside and outside the EU.

Cotoblau is committed to using cotton from sustainable sources, and that is why our cotton products have the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) certificate.

Determines the requirements for a Quality Management System, which can be used for internal application by organizations.

This fabric, applied in most of our products, are botanical in origin and define a new standard of sustainability and natural comfort.
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CO2Pure, used in the fabrics of our products, eliminates harmful gases from the environment and transforms them
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We are fully committed to renewable energy and our goal is to make all energy consumed green.

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